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woman mutilated by a mother bear in Poiana Brasov 11 sept ; sportiv mutilated by a bear 23 sept 2020

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

If you are a psychiatrist or you are going to become one, please make a notice of what I am writing bellow, because they ( most of romanians) are cases of madness called "invisible madness" or demonized or....just read and let me know if you are ok with the fact described bellow:

today 11.09.2020 at 15 hours in the resort called Poiana Brasov, 12 km away from Brasov, 175 km away from Bucharest , Romania's capital.

2 women running on a very central circulated forest road (cars go by there), being placed at 30m one behind the other...the road is behind hotels and restaurants like 10 m.

When they run down and with speed on that road, a mother bear with her baby show up like coming from a yard of a house...not from forest then...and jumped on the first woman....the second one took another road in the forest and manage to save herself reaching a yard with a dog...unfortunatelly, the first woman had a worse fate then death; she was hit by the mother loosing an arm and a leg; the woman which escaped announced quick authorities, some people come to send away for the moment the bears, but there was no police, no TV....that is classified like ....when one climbs and falls from rocks and was indicated to the woman which escaped that no fuss to be made about it because they lose the tourists.

On the 23-rd of September 2020 about 19.30 PM, a man which run in the forest on a very popular road from Pietrele lui Solomon to Poiana Brasov 6 km marked blue stripe was hit and mutilated by a very big bear; he is married with a wife and child; authorities keep it under silence; in normal situations the goverment must give him a retirement, but whole thing was solved saying "we have a sign warning you of bears"; you can see the blue stripe in the map; bears grow in huge number every year and they are territorial beasts, they establish their homes on touristic paths everywhere. Obviously you are dead if you tresspass their territory. SO I INVITE IN ROMANIA FORESTS EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO COMMIT SUICIDE; IT'S EASY - GO ALONE IN OUR FORESTS; AFTER 200M YOU WILL BE DEAD! police will go soft - if there is no body, you be declared dissapeared - though we have no ice here and nobody can melt into thin air! If smb. had dissapeared means he was EATEN by beasts.

Let me remind you about the american woman killed in Busteni some years ago...there was TV because she was an important guest...look what happens to native!


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